Ambu® Mark IV breathing bag baby

Professional Ambu® Mark IV Respiration Balloon for the real thing. This balloon has been a household name in professional acute care for years, both on the street and in the hospital. Please note this is a respirator for babies

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The Ambu Mark IV is available in two sizes: The Ambu Mark IV Adult, designed for manual ventilation of adults and children with a body weight lower limit of approximately 15 kg (3 years), and the Ambu Mark IV Baby, for infants and children with a body weight upper limit of approximately 20 kg (4-5 years).
The unique Ambu double wall concept clearly distinguishes the genuine Ambu balloon from all other manual breathing devices. Â It provides the "touch" that makes Ambu balloons famous. Â The thin outer cover gives the user a very good "fingertip" feel for how much pressure is needed, while the inner balloon with its air holes allows for rapid recoil for optimal stroke volume. This gives you complete control over the amount of pressure delivered to the patient and allows for artificial respiration at fast frequencies, if needed. Another unique effect of the Ambu Dual Wall is that the elasticity of the outer cover limits the pressure in the airway from rising above approximately 7 kPa (70 cm H2O) during one-handed operation of the Ambu Mark IV Adult.

Both Mark IV Adult and Baby are 100% latex free. The sleek design and crystal clear housing that houses the unique one-valve valve allow unobstructed observation of valve operation and facilitate visibility and control of airflow to the patient. The Ambu Mark IV Baby features a pressure relief valve that opens when the pressure in the valve reaches approximately 4.0 kPa (40 cm H2O). If more pressure is required, the limitation can be easily deactivated by pressing the attached blocking cap.

The Ambu Mark IV Adult features an integrated handle that facilitates gripping and enables uniform compressions to be performed in all emergency situations, even in wet conditions - and for users with small hands.

The Ambu Mark IV Baby Respirator has an ergonomic design that fits optimally in the palm of the hand. You can hold it comfortably for long periods of time without experiencing hand fatigue. 

Both sizes are equipped with a swivel mechanism between the patient valve and the mask; this makes it possible to change position or change hands without interrupting the ventilation of the patient. 

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