Evacuation mattress

The Evacusafe Premium Slider evacuation mattress is suitable for evacuating both children and adults. The mattress is fully adjustable and quick and easy to use.

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The Premium Evacuslider is the modern version of an evacuation mattress. It is used in hospitals and nursing homes to safely evacuate patients during an emergency situation. The mattress is quick and easy to use in any situation.

The Premium Evacuslider is a cost-effective solution for the safe evacuation of people with mobile disabilities. In multi-storey buildings, there can be many barriers to evacuating people safely and efficiently during an emergency. These include narrow corridors, stairwells and fire escapes. The thick foam mattress is comfortable for the patient. The smooth underside of the mattress ensures that it is possible to move the patient horizontally where necessary.

The evacuation mattress is quick and easy to use in any situation. The mattress is fully adjustable, making it possible to safely evacuate both children and adults.

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