Prestan Reanimation torso + jaw lift 4-pack

Standard in the package:

  • 4 manikin torsos + head
  • 50 faceshield lung bags
  • 1 nylon carrying case
  • 1 manual
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The Prestan Reanimation Torsos look and feel realistic.

Weight: The Prestan CPR torsos are surprisingly light, about half the weight of comparable other brands.

Models: The Prestan CPR torsos are available in 3 different models:

  1. Adult resuscitation torso
  2. Child resuscitation torso
  3. Baby resuscitation dummy Prestan Reanimation monitor

The Prestan Reanimation torsos are equipped with a revolutionary Reanimation monitor that gives immediate feedback on the speed of the chest compressions. The LED lights in the shoulder of the torsos give the trainee a clear indication of how to perform 100 compressions per minute. Click mechanism In addition to the Reanimation Monitor, trainees also hear a 'click' when the chest is pressed deeply enough. This teaches the trainee to give chest compressions with the correct force. Chin lift This Prestan manikin also has the possibility to apply the 'chin lift'.

The Orange Cross On the exam 'First Aid' the candidate must show the examiners that he / she can independently perform a resuscitation. The use of tools is not allowed. The Prestan resuscitation dummy gives the user feedback on depth and frequency of chest compressions. This is very useful when practicing during a first aid course but if the manikin is used on the exam this function must be disabled. The supplier has made a PDF available, which shows how the manikin can be made usable for the exam.

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