Prestan Ultralite 4-pack with feedback

In the package:

  • 4 reanimation torsos
  • 50 airway bags
  • User manual
  • Transport bag
  • 3 year warranty
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The package contains 4 Prestan adult resuscitation torsos (heads, torsos, pushers). 

The 4 Prestan resuscitation torsos are easy to take along and store in the supplied backpack. The Torsos are light in use and specially designed for use with a larger group of students. Some advantages of this Ultralite reanimation torsos: a good price / quality ratio, are approved for first aid exams to take, easy to keep clean and lightweight. This model of the Prestan Ultralite is equipped with Prestan's revolutionary feedback system so the trainee receives direct feedback on the compression frequency and depth.

A standard 3-year warranty is given. The torsos are supplied including 50 airway/lung bags, a clear manual and a transport bag.

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