Ambu Man Advanced Wireless I.V.

The Ambu Man Advanced Wireless is a manikin for advanced reanimation and ACLS training!

– 3 year warranty
– Wireless connection
– Intubation and reanimation training
– AED training
– Advanced measurements


AmbuMan Advanced Wireless I.V. Next Generation

The Ambu Man Advanced Wireless is an advanced instruction and training manikin designed to train Advanced Life Support and Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) both inside and outside of the medical. The manikin can be defibrillated, intubated and used with an automated CPR device (such as LUCAS or AutoPulse). Because this manikin can be used for AED training, the realistic defibrillation can last up to 400 joules! The manikin has an airway head which can be ventilated by means of a respiratory balloon.

Train in a realistic environment
The AmbuMan W (Wireless, Wireless) models are equipped with a mechanical control tool as well as the Ambu Mannekin Management Module. This module makes it possible to connect the manikin wirelessly to any type of smartphone, tablet or PC. The installation of additional software or other operating systems is not necessary. Because no wires or cables are needed, it is possible to provide training in a realistic environment, greatly influencing the degree of freedom during training.

Additional features through wireless connection
The new module of Ambu makes it possible to play audio files during training, such as breathing. In addition, various incidents can be added to the resuscitation course, for example, “112 bubbles” or “head tilting”. The Ambu Mannekin Management system is independent (Windows, Apple, Android, IOS, Ubuntu, and Linux) and works in any web browser (Internet Explorer, Chrome, IE, Safari, and Firefox). The module provides wireless use and monitoring during the course and allows the data and information of the courses to be stored and collected.

Controlled injection training
The Ambu I.V. arm is specially developed for advanced training. The introduction of cannulae, catheters, infusion of fluids, injection of medication, blood sampling and measurement of the pulse rate can be practiced on the arm. The flexible skin made from natural latex has the ability to seal after needle penetration, increasing the life of the arm. Because the fluid reservoir is built into the arm, no additional space is required and the movable wrist, rotating arm and catheter on the back of the hand, mean that realistic practice is absolutely assured.

The doll also has an IO leg. This makes it possible to practice with a bone drill.

– Ambu’s unique, hygienic system
– Ventilation by means of respiratory balloon
– Lung closure not possible (trachia ends for lung branching)
– Exercise on different types of body build through variable chest stiffness
– Pulse / heart rate can be displayed manually
– Pulse / heart rate is displayed automatically with correct heart massage
– Records ventilation volume, chest compressions in mm, stomach upset and incorrect hand position, all of which can be read on the mechanical control instrument
– Training on the introduction of cannulas, catheters, fluid infusion and injection of medication, taking blood samples and measuring pulse rate
– Trained with bone drill by IO leg
– Pacing is possible (simulation pacemaker)
– Wireless connection to your computer, tablet or phone
– Realistic defibrillation exercises up to 400 joules

What’s included?
– 5 face masks
– 100 air bags
– Carry bag
– Clothing
– 1 I.V. arm (A255001000)
– 1 normal arm (234000704)
– Legs (234000786)
– Internal adapter

Specifications of the AmbuMan Advanced W I.V. Next Generation

Length of torso: 80cm
Full body length: 170cm
Weight torso with bag: 13kg
Weight full body with bag: 17kg

3 year

Base Unit: Polyethylene
Instrument part: ABS Plastic
Head: PVC, hard
Chest and face: PVC, soft
Exterior I.V. arm: latex

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